Why Participate?

Unleash your inner artiste by showing your creativity and engaging in an experience that can benefit your global community!

Your contribution to The Virtual Quilt will help plant a tree. The GITG Foundation has selected One Tree Planted as beneficiary for Summer 2017.

One Tree Planted believes people want to be inspired to make a difference. Planting trees is one of the best things you can do for the environment. You have the power that can start a social change and greener world.

The GITG Foundation has committed to plant 100 trees for every 500 unique uploads. We hope you choose to participate.

"Healthy forests help absorb greenhouse gases and carbon emissions that are caused by human civilization and contribute to global climate change without tress, more carbon and greenhouse gases enter the atmosphere. To make matters worse, trees actually become carbon sources when they are cut, burned or otherwise removed."

To enjoy the full experience of The Virtual Quilt.com

We suggest that you view the quilt on a desktop computer.

(For every 500 unique uploads, 100 trees will be planted by One Tree Planted. The tress are donated by The Give Into The Groove Foundation.)